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To understand why our therapies are so special, we will first define the concept of health that we handle in Indra Ayurvedic Spa, since we are not only looking for body relaxation, but the balance and coexistence between the energies of the body, mind and soul, since only at that point is when we will really heal, thus moving from a traditional medical concept that cures diseases, to an ancient science that through prevention gives true health and wellness.

We all have five vital energies in our body which are: air, fire, water, earth and ether, depending on the percentage that each of these elements represent within us, our personality and vibration will be denoted, that is why the therapies are totally personalized, because they must be adapted to the different energies that we all have, in order to level each other, thus giving meaning to the meaning of the word “Ayurveda” as “the art of living”.

Complementary areas

Imagine a sunset while watching a beautiful waterfall, in a pool that regardless of the weather will be at a perfect temperature and if you prefer to exercise or distract yourself, enjoy a game of table tennis, squash or billiards. If you want to relax, you have a Turkish bath and sauna with natural fragrances such as eucalyptus and chamomile to enhance that feeling of wellbeing. Come and enjoy a volcanic water whirlpool and if you are one of those who like to take care of your body we put at your disposal our gym.

If you have children, it does not have to be a concern when relaxing, because while you enjoy the benefits of Sangay Spa Hotel, we have a children’s playhouse with a trained nursery on weekends to properly care for the little ones of the house. Our goal is that you can enjoy a unique experience that can satisfy each of your needs. So, what are you waiting for, come and visit us!

Spa and Wet Areas

In INDRA AYURVEDA SPA you will find a variety of therapies based on the ancient medicine of India, Ayurveda, science and art of life. You can not miss our specialty; the Abyhanga massage, it will be the perfect end to a wonderful day, you will feel renewed, balanced and happy. In our wet area you can enjoy a sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool, polar pool, swimming pool and gym.

Our therapies


Abhyanga Massage

AYURVEDA MASSAGE, Indian medicine, is performed with organic oils of first extraction at warm temperature, eliminates toxins through the skin and digestive tract, deeply relaxes, increases resistance to stress, heals the nervous system, promotes circulation, penetrates the 7 tissues to the reproductive system purifying and nourishing the channels, balances the emotions and mind.

60 minutes $50 USD


MILLENNIAL THERAPY from India that aligns the marmas or energy centers of the body, which gives a deep spiritual, mental and physical harmony.

Marmatherapy centers the patient in their heart and gives a deep sense of joy and love for oneself, heals past traumas and balances emotionally.

60 minutes $50 USD


SHIRODHARA means “to be young again”. It is an ancient technique of deep relaxation in which after a half-hour body massage, a continuous flow of warm, herbal, organic oil is applied to the forehead.

In the meantime, the scalp is gently massaged. The herbal oil deeply moisturizes the hair and leaves it soft and shiny. Shirodhara stimulates the deep areas of the brain which allows you to experience physical and mental pleasure. It is used in India to treat more than 80 common diseases such as migraine, respiratory, skin problems, relieves rheumatism and insomnia, prevents hair loss and delays the appearance of gray hair. Shirodhara acts on the pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glands regulating hormones and restoring health.

60 minutes $60 USD


IS A TECHNIQUE used for many years in Ayurvedic therapies for its quality to deeply nourish and rejuvenate. The treatment begins with a body massage with organic herbal oils for your skin type. This therapy is done by applying ‘pindas’, cloth balls filled with a special herbal preparation with rice and warm milk all over the body.

Navarikrishi has multiple benefits such as: nourishes the skin improving the complexion, rejuvenates, promotes digestion and restores vigor, stimulates the nervous system, is excellent for arthritis, relieves headaches and neurological problems, relieves deep muscular pains.

*Book at least 2 hours in advance.

60 minutes $50 USD


A THERAPY used to clear the airways by placing small amounts of medicated oil in the nostrils. It begins with a relaxing face, head and shoulder massage with warm herbal oils which warms the area and stimulates to release blockages and heal. Benefits are for sinusitis, headaches, colds in a row and migraines.

30 minutes $35 USD

Karna pooran

THIS THERAPY begins with a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage. Then a small amount of herbal oil mixture or warm ghee is poured into the ears, which lubricates and cleanses impurities, purifying the ear canal and improving hearing.

Its benefits are: relieves earaches, itching or dryness inside the ears, tinnitus (hearing sounds inside), headaches or migraine, vertigo, neck and jaw pains, cleans wax or excess wax in the ears and helps with depression.

30 minutes $35 USD


THIS specialized THERAPY is excellent for improving vision and revitalizing the eyes. The person lies on the table and a gentle massage is given to the face and neck. Then a protective mass is placed around the eyes and warm medicated ghee is poured into the eyes. The benefits are: relieves tired eyes (too much computer, cell phone, driving), eliminates dark circles, rejuvenates tired and dry eyes, strengthens eye muscles and nerves, prevents cataract formation.

30 minutes $35 USD

Abhyanga massage 4 hands

AYURVEDA MASSAGE, Indian medicine, is performed with organic oils of first extraction at warm temperature, eliminates toxins through the skin and digestive tract, deeply relaxes, increases resistance to stress, heals the nervous system, promotes circulation, penetrates the 7 tissues to the reproductive system purifying and nourishing the channels, balances the emotions and mind. Massage performed with two therapists working in synchrony.

60 minutes $80 USD

Deep Cleansing Facial

WILL LEAVE YOU TOTALLY CLEAN, with a new and relaxed countenance, your complexion soft and renewed. Using ozone vaporizer and magnifying glass to extract all impurities from the face. We use high frequency to ozonify the skin helping to eliminate expression lines.

60 minutes $40 USD

Back Massage

MASSAGE DEDICATED specifically to the back area, 30 minutes of working on removing your stress. Relieves neck and back pain and improves spinal position.

30 minutes $30 USD

Facial cleansing with collagen veil

LUXURY FACIAL to leave your skin clean, soft and glowing. Deep cleansing and application of collagen veil to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

60 minutes $50 USD

Stone Massage

INNOVATIVE MASSAGE with hot stones that will leave you totally renewed with a new energy and cleanse all tiredness and negative energy.

Rebuilds skin cells, stimulates blood circulation and recovers the energy of each chakra or energy center.

60 minutes $50 USD

Exfoliation with orange and honey

A THERAPY that deeply CLEANSES the entire body, leaving the skin soft and with a delicious and sweet aroma. The orange known to help cellulite and the honey that moisturizes your skin and leaves it smooth and beautiful.

30 minutes $30 USD

Bamboo therapy

ORIENTAL THERAPY in which a massage is given with bamboo sticks that are wrapped around the body with a special technique that relaxes tense and tired muscles. The patient recovers a feeling of lightness and mental calmness unsurpassed.

30 minutes $30 USD


INNOVATIVE THERAPY with mud from the Tungurahua volcano, reduces muscle pain, helps to lose weight, rejuvenates the skin, detoxifies and tones muscles.

30 minutes $30 USD

Coconut therapy

RELAXING THERAPY that activates the energy of nature within the patient and channels it through the use of soft wood coconuts, which reduces inflammation and muscle aches, coconut therapy moisturizes, cleanses toxins, nourishes and revitalizes the skin, stimulates the senses thanks to its pleasant aroma and unique sensation of coconut oil.

30 minutes $30 USD

Nourishing Moisturizing

THERAPY to pamper yourself, using different nourishing creams with honey, coconut, pineapple, coffee or chocolate. We hydrate the skin and leave you relaxed and totally rejuvenated.

30 minutes $30 USD

Swedish Massage

TOTALLY RELAX with this sixty minute full body massage that will leave you deeply calm. It consists of the application of force to all parts of the body, improving blood circulation, making the cardiovascular activity more effective, calming the mind and leaving you refreshed.

60 minutes $50 USD

Children’s massage (up to 12 years old

GENTLE and relaxing MASSAGE that helps in a very subtle way to make the child feel love and connection with their body and emotional balance. For babies it helps to awaken curiosity, attention and memory, develops the nervous system.

30 minutes $30 USD

Drawer Bath

THIS THERAPY helps to eliminate toxins through the skin, dead cells, recovers sleep naturally, lowers cholesterol levels, helps to lose weight for those who need it, keeps the skin healthy and smooth.

30 minutes $15 USD

Princess Bath

Pamper yourself with a special treatment just for you. We start with a back massage, body exfoliation, then a jacuzzi bath with rose petals, essences, natural oils and mineral salts to leave your skin soft and perfumed accompanied by champagne and fruits.

90 minutes $60 USD


REFLEXOLOGY is an alternative medicine that involves the application of pressure on the feet to eliminate tension, toxins and activate natural mechanisms of purification of the body.

30 minutes $35 USD

Romantic Jacuzzi

ENJOY A JACUZZI with that special someone to relax and share together. This therapy relaxes your muscles, provides a space to forget your worries and take some time as a couple. It is prepared with bath bubbles, essences and rose petals, including two glasses of champagne and fruits.

30 minutes $50 USD
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