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SANGAY SPA HOTEL has 60 years of experience in the same family becoming an icon of Baños in the area of hospitality. We are characterized by excellence and good service to our customers. We are located in front of the Cascada de la Virgen and the thermal pools in Baños de Agua Santa, a natural paradise, cradle of friendly and warm people. We are in the most important tourist center of the beautiful province of flowers and fruits, Tungurahua.

In order to generate an integral experience, we put at your disposal our three themed restaurants where you can travel through the world in each meal. We focus on working with the best ingredients and from there use different gastronomic techniques that are trending in the world to get you to experience in every bite the essence of good food.
In Sangay Spa Hotel we know how necessary is a change in the consumption patterns of human beings and that to make these changes possible it is necessary to take actions that allow us to survive as a species. That is why in each of our restaurants we work with organic products to strengthen local agriculture, ‘superfoods’ and vegan options, trends that seek the optimization of resources as a way to take care of our planet.

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Rumi Wuasi

Our restaurant RUMI WASI “House of Stone” offers a wide range of national and international cuisine with high standards of quality and sanitation. Specialized staff takes care of every detail maintaining the best service and avant-garde standards.


When Lewis Carroll, English writer, author of “Alice in Wonderland” imagined such a magnificent story, the “Bonkers Café” would have been his favorite place, not only for its exquisite sandwiches, desserts and excellent fresh and aromatic coffee, but because it seeks to pay homage to the British roots of the Warmington family, and what better way than with a coffee shop themed on such a charming story. Come and enjoy a fantastic experience, that through your senses will take you to the United Kingdom and at the same time to enjoy Ecuadorian nuances that you will only find here in Sangay.