With the goal of providing a complete experience, we invite you to dine at our three thematic restaurants where you can travel around the world with each meal. We endeavour to employ only the finest ingredients and use various trending international gastronomical techniques so that you might experience with each mouthful the essence of fine dining.
At Sangay Spa Hotel we know that it’s necessary to change the patterns of human consumption and to make these changes possible we must take action that will permit us to survive as a species. To that end, in each of our restaurants we use organic products which strengthen local agriculture, ‘superfoods’ and vegan options, trends which seek to optimize resources as a way of caring for our planet.

House of Stone

Sangay Spa was the first hotel in the entire region of Tungurahua as well as one of the first in all of Ecuador and ‘RUMI WASI’ was the first Hotel Restaurant. It’s divided into three rooms, each of which provides a unique and welcoming ambiance. Rumi Wasi offers an interesting selection of local cuisine, always prepared under the strictest standards of quality and hygiene by dedicated personnel who take great care with each detail. For us it represents our strong roots and as the name says, it’s our “House of Stone”.

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Bonkers café

When Lewis Carroll, the English author of “Alice in Wonderland” imagined such a fantastical story, “Bonkers Café” would have been his favorite place, not only for its exquisite sandwiches, desserts and excellent fresh, aromatic coffee, but also because this restaurant seeks to pay homage to the British roots of the Warmington family and what better way than with a thematic café which honors this enchanting story. Come join us for a marvelous experience that, through your senses will take you to the United Kingdom, and at the same time enjoy Ecuadorian touches that you will only find here at Sangay.

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Chozón bar & grill

Baños is known as the Gateway to the Amazon so for that reason the Chozón Bar & Grill is inspired by a jungle-like décor. On the menu you will find everything from pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven to the finest cuts of grilled meats seared to perfection, always served with the freshest ingredients. Taste unique cocktails with our bartender’s special touch. What are you waiting for? In Chozón you will find delicious food in a distinct ambiance in Baños.

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